10-Strike Network File Search Pro

10-Strike Network File Search Pro 2.12

An app that allows performing repeated searches automatically

Find files on remote PCs or FTP servers and open, delete or copy them. Network File Search Pro is a powerful software tool that allows you to locate files in other computers of your network in no time. You can search for remote files by name or extension, or even by the text contained in them. It also runs a Web server that allows external users to search for files in your LAN.

Thanks to its intuitive and self-explanatory user interface, you will get familiar with it really quickly. On the main window, you may specify whether to search on shared resources, FTP servers, and if folder names should be included in the results. You can use masks and wildcards to define a pattern "*.*" being the default. In addition, you can type a text - which is part of the file’s content - to use in your search. To get more precise results, you can define a minimum and a maximum file size, and a start and an end date also.

Through the settings window, you may select the network scanning method between "network neighborhood" and "IP addresses". The latter requires you to specify a single IP address or a range of IP addresses. Moreover, you may create filters for the domain, computer, resource and folder names. You can create "Allow" and "Deny" lists for each category. Furthermore, you can define the type and the maximum size of the files that will be shown once the search has been ended, and start or stop the built-in Web server. Finally, you can configure the program to crate reports of the files found, and export them into several formats - HTML, text, CSV, and XML.

To sum up, Network File Search Pro is a versatile application that will save you a lot of time and effort when looking for remote files in your local network. It is a must-have for any network administrator.

Ricardo Soria
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  • Intuitive and self-explanatory interface
  • Allows you to use masks and wildcards to search for remote files
  • Allows you to search on the entire LAN, a single IP address or an IP address range
  • Can create reports of the found files and export them in several popular formats
  • Includes a web server to allow external users to look for files on your LAN


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